Fire Guerrero Billboard: Chip In Today to Get the Message Out

Victor Decolongon

The debacle in Pullman is a jarring reminder about why folks need to chip in today to get this "Fire Guerrero Billboard" campaign over the goal line. We are at $4,825 today - not that far away front the goal of $6,500. Chip in now to get this done. If you are tired of Alford and Guerrero, don't give up. DONATE today to send a loud and clear message on how upset you are about Guerrero killing our program. - BN Eds.


After yet another debacle with Coach’s basketball program, it’s becoming even more clear that we need to send a message now to the Athletic Dep. that we demand a regime change. BN has always been on the forefront in making ideas become reality when it comes to our beloved Bruins. In fact, if it weren’t for some great leadership found right here on BN, this would not have happened. Let’s continue this tradition of Bruins Nation being on the forefront of change at UCLA. Support the billboard fund to get this message out to the public.. We need your support. We are almost there.


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