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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UCLA Football Pro Day, Twitter Milestones, and California Living

Also: put out the chips and salsa, company is coming.


It's Pro-Day today at UCLA. Good luck to all the Bruins participating:

Even Jerry Rice Jr. will be in the house, although I do not believe Sr. will be there.

Hey, who needs PG recruits? Not us, for sure. Especially with this guy in charge, right?

Why, Daniel Hamilton, that's a mighty nice UCLA jacket you're wearing. Still committed to UConn?

For those of you that doubt twitter as a means of communication, even if it butchers the English language in 140 characters or less, it's an outlet for some:

Why, Jeff, why? What if I run out and get some? Do you want fresh salsa or that gross canned stuff?

Meanwhile, we welcomed a few visitors over the weekend.

I'm sure we put out the good stuff.

UCLA fans, let's not stoop to the level of the SEC when it comes to harassing players on Twitter.

Mr. ProblemWright is an interesting character and it's difficult to decipher his exact allegiances based on his tweets, although he is based in Southern California, so there is a bit of a SoCal teams lean. Mr. ProblemWright is also a professional Madden player, so that's a whole other issue that one could explore.

And finally, Coach Mora continuing the "why California is awesome" tweeting:

It's even nicer this week. Everyone agrees.

I mean why would you?

Oh. That.

Go Bruins.