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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Congratulations to Alterraun Verner, UCLA Football Pro Day, and Point Guard U

Also: Help find a missing girl in Manhattan Beach

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to ATV and his new contract came in from his former teammates and friends:

And of course, to a happy three weeks to his son, and 5 weeks for Chris Horton:

UCLA's Pro Day was this week, and all the players have been singing Coach Alosi's praises:

We knew you are great, Anthony Barr.

Jerry Rice DID show up to Pro Day!

Pac-12 Tournament fun in Vegas.

And a little wager:

Trading Places reference is awesome.

It looks like Bruin Basketball alums that are signed to Adidas contracts got a little gift this week:

We miss Point Guard U.

Enjoy the offseason, Kevin McDermott:

Burn it. Right away. You've let evil into your home.

Go Bruins.