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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Our First Earthquake

Bruins react to a 4.4 earthquake in Westwood on Monday morning.

Kyle's afraid of a little earthquake.
Kyle's afraid of a little earthquake.
Ethan Miller

Did you feel the earthquake on Monday? It was the first earthquake for many of our out of state students, and they were "shaken" up, while most natives went "eh, less than 5." Unintended benefit: Wake up call for those with 8am finals! (if you weren't up already.)

Yep, the out of staters hated it.

But this out of stater got to his final on time:

And Lacy Westbrook knew about what happens after an earthquake:

Wow, Caleb, that's pretty good considering the epicenter was near Westwood!

Do not wish this upon California, lineman.

Mass destruction. That's what a 9 feels like. Let's keep getting 5's to relieve pressure on the fault.

California peeps say:

Let's see. Other states can still have earthquakes (see: Oklahoma, NY) (and the Oklahoma ones are man-created!) or there are hurricanes, or tornadoes, or massive blizzards and freezing temperatures. Most of us in California will take the occasional 4.5 earthquake.

Oh Kyle.

It's those darn Tulsa boosters! They'll do anything for another win!

Is there something about east coast kids convinced someone is coming for them?

Or it's Tony Parker...

This may have been more terrifying than an earthquake.

Maybe it IS a sign.

That's the spirit. GO BRUINS.