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GameThread for Oregon St. Beavers at UCLA Bruins

Revenge game?

The last game for these three.  Thanks guys.
The last game for these three. Thanks guys.

If one impartially looks at UCLA this season, the worst loss this season was to the Oregon State Beavers. They are UCLA's only loss out of the RPI top 100. It was the bad loss. It is a game that does not make sense for other reasons as well. UCLA played zone for 40 minutes at Oregon State for the only time this season.

On the positive side, it is also the last home game for a truly unique UCLA player in Kyle Anderson. Kyle's dad has declared he is going pro after this season. Will Kyle bounce back from his one game suspension in the style that had him as a leading candidate for PAC 12 player of the year?

And last it is Senior Day for Travis and David Wear. While they never lived up to their McDonald's All American status they both have had their moments as Bruins.

The official preview is here. The game is at 6:00 pm on Fox Sports one with another famous twin, Jarron Collins doing the game.

Go Bruins.