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2014 NCAA Tournament: UCLA-Tulsa Open Thread

The Bruins begin the trek for banner #12. Let the dancing begin!

Tonight the 4th seeded Bruins will take on the 13th seeded Tulsa at 6:55 in San Diego. It has been a long time since our team came home with a banner, but these Bruins have the talent to go a long way, and maybe, just maybe, the whole way.

The winner of tonight's game will go on to meet the winner of the VCU/Stephen F. Austen game on Sunday. UCLA should win tonight, move through the game against VCU/Stephen F. Austin on Sunday, and be in the Steve 16 next weekend, presumably giving UCLA one more chance to defeat the gators. But "the longest journey begins with a single step" and tonight we must focus on that first step.

You can read previews of tonight's games here and here and all of our NCAA Tourney notes, previews and commentary here. We also have been tracking UCLA-Tulsa watch parties here.

In 1994 our Bruins had a difficult time with Tulsa, so to change the mojo I thought it would be good to relive 1995, the last time UCLA Basketball brought home a banner! That was an amazing year and this should get you excited heading into tonight's game:

I don't know about you, but this really gets to me. Toby, Tyus, the O'Bannons. Wow! What a time. If you like, you can watch the whole game here and 1995 Final Four highlights here (start at about 1:13).

But that long journey is just beginning and it is time for this year's Bruins to shine!

Go Bruins!