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BruinsNation Bracket Challenge: Roundup After The First Two Rounds

Let's see how everyone is doing.

"Even I'm winning my challenge!"
"Even I'm winning my challenge!"
Donald Miralle

117 members of this community joined our Bracket Challenge to see who would reign supreme at picking a (possibly new) national champion.  Let's take a look at how everyone is doing after the first weekend.

Apparently to win this challenge, your name needs to be Greg.  In first place is Gregory's bracket, called "The Losing Bracket" but is currently not losing in our pool! He has 51 points, after picking 27 correctly in the first round and 12 correctly in the second round.  He was slightly hampered by Duke being terrible this year, and New Mexico unable to get past Stanford, but otherwise, this bracket has quite the lead, with 171 possible points to go.  He picked Michigan State as his national champion, going up against Louisville, so we know Gregory is in this to win it.

In second place is frontpager gbruin, who was leading after the first round, picking 28 games correctly, but only got 11 in the second round, for a total of 50 points.  With a bracket named "Exile is Cold and Sucks" Greg has UCLA trouncing Florida on Saturday and advancing to the Final Four, but has the same final as leader Gregory, of Michigan State and Louisville.  Greg is probably shaking his fist not just at Duke, but also at Syracuse and New Mexico, and probably at himself for picking the wrong 6/11 upset - instead of going for Tennessee, he thought Providence would get past North Carolina.  Not this year!

We have two people tied for third, David with "UCLADS Bracket" and Erik with "Adams and Anderson's Suspension" and both have 49 points.  David was tied for second after the first round, and Erik zoomed back up with a great second round.  David  believes we'll feast on Gator on Thursday, but had Kansas knocking us out in the Elite Eight.  He also has Michigan State and Louisville in the final, a very common theme.  Erik, meanwhile, is going for the win and thinks we'll lose to Florida. Unfortunately Erik also thought Duke would be in the final, and only has 109 possible points remaining, so someone in the clusters of 4th, 5th and beyond has a chance to move into third.

Finally, let's see who is in last place, and it's a bracket full of red.  "David Inghram" has UCLA and Oklahoma going up in the final, but unfortunately Oklahoma was knocked out in the first round.  However he picked UCLA as his national champion, which we can never be mad about.  That's sticking with your alma mater through thick and thin.

Hope everyone is enjoying the bracket challenge!