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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Time for the Sweet 16, Bruins in Japan, Emmy Nomination for Rick Neuheisel

UCLA tweets, fresh and ready.

Four more.
Four more.
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Beat Florida. Seriously. Even if this picture is old, beat Florida.

And even if it's spring break, why hasn't anyone updated this picture for this year?!

Someone actually put forth a decent wager, and Ayers accepted:

If UCLA wins, the follower will buy Ayers' jersey. If the Gators win, then Ayers will send him an autographed jersey.

I wonder what they talked about.

Hopefully it's beating Florida. Please.

More Bruins in Japan:

My Goal is usually not to vomit after a workout, but I guess this works for him.


Give Stan McKay a follow:

It is the good life.

Congrats Rick on your Emmy nomination:

Welcome again, Josh Rosen:

Have a happy throwback Thursday:

And now we know where Steven Manfro gets it from:

Go Bruins.