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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Weekly Papers are Bad, Puppies at Morgan Center, Get Well Soon Jrue Holiday

Also: more on #thestruggle, college style.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Bruin Twitterers!

Oh nothing new, just checking up on the Class of 2015, making sure you're doing ok, so uh I hope that Oregon offer isn't that enticing.

Give Cameron Griffin a follow - he won't clutter your timeline. He's currently at 608:

Also, check out this new twitter account - we highly recommend you give it a follow:

Dan probably pulled out his rubber stamp and then ran off to an event where he was lauded for things he didn't do.

Who wants to shoot with Jordan Adams?

This philosophy will keep you sane:

Welcome back 1973 UCLA Basketball:

The #boom has spread to the gymnastics team:

Here's to a swift recovery for Jrue Holiday:

Datone Jones may be a professional football player, but he remembers the struggle.

Uh, not a violation right? This definitely isn't:

And finally, your "cute of the week" tweets:

Go Bruins.