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GameThread for UCLA at Washington

A game for . . .

Zach LaVine comes home tonigtht.
Zach LaVine comes home tonigtht.
Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

This may be the strangest game of the season for the simple reason: what are we playing for? Washington is not going anyplace and win or lose will finish with a winning record but has no chance of the NCAA Tournament. UCLA is 3 games behind first place and two games in front of third place with both the tie breakers in UCLA's favor to guarantee a number 2 seed in the PAC 12 tournament. That said UCLA could certainly use a strong finish in Washington and good showing in the PAC 12 tournament to improve its NCAA tournament seed.

So maybe tonight is a good chance to go a little deeper in the rotation; as UCLA may need to do to win the PAC 12 tournament. An advantage UCLA almost certainly has over Arizona who while a very good team may lack depth to win 3 games in three days. Will a Noah Allen see some minutes?

Regardless, the game tonight is a homecoming for Zach Lavine and will feature Bill Walton pontificating beginning at 6:05 on ESPN 2. The official notes are here. The Bruins Nation preview is here and a Scout preview is here.

Go Bruins.