Dan Convenes a Task Force

In response to recent allegations of plummeting attendance at UCLA men's basketball games, the UCLA Athletic Department has released the following advisory on its website:

In the event of a substantiated claim regarding a decline in basketball attendance, we will convene an internal task force to nominate members of a fact finding mission. Once the fact-finding mission has been completed, a research report will be prepared in cooperation with UCLA scholars specializing in quantitative analysis. The report's research methodology will be evaluated by an independent oversight board. Once this board confirms the validity and reliability of the research methodology, an administrative meeting of vice provosts will be called to assess the results of the fact finding mission.

If the vice provosts conclude that the results of the fact finding mission validate the original claim, a public forum will be convened in Pauley Pavilion in order to select members of a second fact finding mission. This mission will present its findings at an academic conference. The Athletic Department will secure funding for the conference, arrange for appropriate convention facilities in the Chianti region of Italy, and reimburse travel costs for a reasonable number of attendees. A team of four NCAA compliance officers will ensure that all expenditures are consistent with NCAA rules and regulations.

Immediately following the conference presentation, a referendum will be held. In the event that at least two-thirds of all conference attendees vote that the second mission's findings are consistent with both the original complaint and the first mission's findings, a symposium will be convened to recommend members of an external committee who will devise policy changes. Additionally, an appropriate number of consultants will be retained to prepare an environmental impact statement related to any projected increases in attendance. The implementation of policy changes is conditioned on the acceptability of this assessment.

The Athletic Director holds final discretion on the implementation of any policy changes.

It is our hope that these procedures demonstrate our commitment to the True Bruin values of accountability and excellence.

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