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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Norman Powell Can Jump, Southern Cal is Terrible, and Gymnastics Selfies

Does anyone have a turkey recipe for Steven Manfro?

Stephen Dunn

Norman Powell can jump.

Thoughts and prayers with Librado Barocio's father:

Everything about Southern Cal annoys us too.  Congrats, you are a Bruin.

And additional "final" thoughts (for now) about the little dust-up on the Twitters the other day:

If you watched the Oscars, you saw Ellen's selfie that broke twitter.  Here's UCLA Gymnastics' version:

Also, congrats Sam Peszek to her second best victory of the week:

They claimed they "let" her win. Never let an Olympic medalist win.

Thoughts from (not) our Athletic Director:


That is dry turkey:

Poor guy, all he wanted was some bread, and that turkey was probably worse:

And finally, everyone here agrees.  I miss Little Neu's video bombs.

Go Bruins.