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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse- UCLA Football Spring Practice, UCLA Tennis Senior Day, and Congrats UCLA Gymnastics

Earl Watson, future coach?

Harry How

This is the goal, and it means more to Caleb Benenoch. being a Texas native.

By the way, these are some mighty fine looking recruits visiting practice the other day:

Apparently our practices make an impression:

But there is one goal in spring practice: to get better.

Basketball is also getting back to work:

Congratulations UCLA Gymnastics:

We will have more as we get closer to the Championships.

Happy Senior Day, UCLA Tennis:

Welcome to the minors, Adam Plutko. Hope the bus ride wasn't terrible.

Whoa whoa Dietrich Riley, that's fighting words.

But others appreciate it.

Earl Watson, future coach?

Were you ever able to rig your schedule like this?

Bruins marrying Bruins is the way to go.

Go Bruins