Coach Mora Invites Fans to Watch Saturday's "Closed" Practice from Lot 8

Stephen Dunn

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It looks like the reason for closing practice tomorrow was simply the Coaches' Clinic that the staff puts on each year.

However, for all of you diehard fans out there, Coach Mora has invited you on Twitter to come out to watch practice anyway.

The catch is that instead of being able to sit on the bleachers in the end zone behind the barriers, you will have to watch from Lot 8.

After last Saturday's practice, I noted how Lot 8 seemed to be the best place to watch practice from anyway. The difference between watching from Lot 8 vs. the End Zone bleachers is comparable to watching from the sidelines vs. the end zone at the Rose Bowl. You can see a lot more from Lot 8 than the bleachers even if it 's a little further away. It's also a little higher than being on the field so there's that advantage too!

Due to the late notice on this, there will be no breakfast meetup beforehand.

But, feel free to grab some food and bring it with you to Lot 8 because the wall makes for a nice little table to enjoy some lunch while watching our Bruins.

Here is the info Coach Mora tweeted:

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