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Community News: Three New Additions to the Bruins Nation Front Page

On behalf of all of the old front pagers, I would like to introduce three new members to the Bruins Nation front page team.

Three cheers for three new front pagers!
Three cheers for three new front pagers!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The life blood of college football is recruiting.  So it is also with our little blog.

After making a final last ditch offer of zero pay, late nights in front of a computer, and the occasional hate email, I am honored to announce that Bruins Nation has added three new front pagers to the BN masthead.  Please welcome, JoeBruin15, islandbruin2, and chrisorr.

You know these names from their excellent fanposts and comments, so you can see why we are so excited and happy to have them joining the team.  JoeBruin15 is a '94 grad and a Bennie Award winner for post of the year in 2012, islandbruin2 was a classmate of Fox71 and carries a lifelong background in sports and statistics, and chrissorr is an engineer and a graduate from Anderson in '85.  Both ib2 and chrisorr were semifinalists for the BN Awards last year, too.

The trio represents both sides of California, with islandbruin2 living in the Bay Area and JoeBruin and chrissorr hailing from the southland.  Together, they have accounted for 269 fan posts and over 8,700 comments, so you know we are getting some thoughtful and well versed Bruins who aren't afraid to speak their minds.  While you will see all three contributing across the board, islandbruin2 delves into baseball and other non-revenue sports, chrisorr has been nails on basketball, and JB15 has been expertly hammering our AD for a long time, so BN is bringing in a breadth of talent.

Please join with me in a rocking loud 8-Clap for our long time members and contributors and our newest front pagers.  We're lucky and excited to have them on board!

Now, you three, go get us some lunch and pick up my dry cleaning while you're out.  ;-)

Go Bruins!