Arizona's Gordon and Johnson Declare for the Draft

As I write this, Aaron Gordon and Nick Johnson are having a press conference to announce they are entering the draft.

If Tarczewski and Ashley come back as expected, the projected lineup will be McConnell 1, Stanley Johnson 2 (6'7" wing from mythical national champ Mater Dei-luckily their history in college isn't all that stellar), Ashley 3, Hollis-Jefferson 4, and Tarc 5. Incoming freshman point guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright and forward Craig Victor are coming off the bench.

This matches up against Adams, Powell, Parker, Looney and Hamilton/Alford. Bench: Welsh, Bail, Noah, Golomon and Bolden.

Arizona will start the season ranked in the top 3. Early rankings have us from 14 to 25 and beyond. On paper, once again we'll have the superior offensive firepower and improved rebounding.

We'll see. I'll have more on this to come.

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