UCLA Football: Comparing Bruins' Recruiting Rankings v. 2014 Opponents

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I'm on Spring break and should be doing research but I am going to take today nice and easy and bring you this year's installment of recruiting vs schedule.

If you want to take a look at last year's numbers, click here, or the year before that, click here. Recall:

I compared our recruiting class rankings (using with all of our opponents for the upcoming 2014 season to see how we stack up. I had the vague idea that we would be pretty good and our opponents pretty bad, but I wanted to see the numbers. So, I compiled the recruiting rankings for the last 5 classes (to account for 5th year seniors, redshirts, etc). Although last year's class was solid it was a bit unspectacular after back-to-back near top 10 classes.

Keep in mind, that this is a very crude analysis, and not something you put too much stock into for prediction purposes. But, it does show how we should not fear anyone on our schedule since we have the talent to play with anybody.

See some charts with fancy colors follow:


Perhaps that's too convoluted for your eyeballs. Here's the same chart but with average rankings over the previous 5 years.


If you're interested in the numbers:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 average
UCLA 14 56 12 3 20 21
Virginia 67 24 28 39 51 41.8
Memphis 75 71 84 102 82 82.8
Texas 3 3 1 23 15 9
ASU 26 64 43 30 17 36
Utah 34 39 33 53 69 45.6
Oregon 13 13 15 17 22 16
UC Berkeley 35 16 39 31 44 33
Colorado 58 62 29 69 72 58
Arizona 43 70 46 27 30 43.2
Washington 10 22 23 14 35 20.8
Southern Cal 6 5 20 18 10 11.8
Stanford 24 23 7 57 16


Well, Tejas is a recruiting machine and $outhern Cal still manages to consistently haul in top classes. Then there's a bunch of schools with roughly comparable classes: UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, and Washington. The rest range from decent (e.g. Arizona schools) to bad (e.g. Memphis). Anyways, I don't see anything that interesting so what do you think?

Reminder/Disclaimer: this is NOT about predicting Ws and Ls, rather it's a quantitative look at recruiting and the talent distribution across the teams in our upcoming schedule. And with anything recruiting related, you must view it as true averages since anomalies abound.

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