Reminder: Spring Football Saturday Breakfast

I just want to give you a quick reminder that our 2nd and final Spring Football Saturday Breakfast will be tomorrow at 8:30am at Headlines in Westwood.

Breakfast will be followed by Spring Practice which is scheduled to start again at 10:30am.

If, for some reason, you are planning on heading to Practice and not meeting up for breakfast, please keep in mind that tomorrow is "UCLA Bruin Day" and campus will be filled with lots and lots of new Bruins and their families.

As a result, parking could prove a little difficult, especially in Lot 8 since it's one of the lots that are highlighted on the Bruin Day website.

Of course, this is the last Saturday practice before the Spring Showcase. I would expect there to be a good size crowd out there tomorrow.

I know I'm looking forward to meeting up with anyone who is coming out to watch practice!

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