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UCLA Basketball: Alford Visits Podunk, Indiana

Who knew Bobby Knight was such a humanitarian!

Jeff Gross

Time to have a little fun with our coach. Now I don't begrudge a man from visiting his home state, but this is laying it on pretty thick about Bobby Knight.

Alford recently spoke at the Kendalville Chamber of Commerce in Indiana. Yep, he's still a god in that state. I don't know about the University (well, I guess I do know, they don't want him), but everyone else would take him back in a heartbeat.

Here are the "high" lights:

-Coach Knight raised millions for the library and "other funds that were on campus."

-Alford would rather not have names on the back of the jerseys, but Wooden started that tradition at UCLA, and he is not going to change it.

-Knight's innovative defensive schemes have been emulated by Alford and college and high school coaches everywhere

I knew that last one would catch your eye! BTW, did you know that Knight invented forcing the offense to go baseline? I didn't know that! I could have sworn I learned that in seventh grade in CYO basketball in Brooklyn. I was a forward and center back then. I know the guards were told to protect the middle and I was told to put my foot on the baseline. But, I digress.

He did also mention Wooden a couple of times.

To be fair, he did attend to important business on this trip:

Big Zimm is our number one target for 2015. More on that later.