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UCLA Football: Practice Facility Getting Closer

The Athletic Department released new renderings and status of the pledge drive for the Football Perfomance Center.

UCLA Athletics

UCLA announced, in a new press release, preliminary renderings by architectural firm ZGF Architects LLP for what they are calling The Football Performance Center:

The ZGF-designed, state-of-the-art facility will be located on the west side of Spaulding Field and is intended to house a locker room, athletic training area, strength and conditioning facility, coaches' offices, team meeting rooms, equipment rooms and video rooms, in addition to several elements that will feature the storied history of UCLA Football. Notably, ZGF, whose dedication to design excellence has resulted in a nationally-recognized reputation for creativity and quality, completed work on the University of Oregon's athletic facilities which includes the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex (Football Performance Center).

$40 milllion has been pledged since the fund-raising campaign began. The projected cost is $50 million.

Check here for more pictures and this video:

Congratulations to Coach Mora! We're finally doing SOMETHING for football to keep up with the rest of the conference. But just like OPUG, Chiant Dan is coming up short again.