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UCLA Football: Additional "Cover 2" Notes on Priest Willis, Ulbrich's Defense

Edward Lewis and Ryan Kartje are back to talk about Jeff Ulbrich's defense, Priest Willis and Wednesday's practice.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Edward R. Lewis of The Bruin Sports Report and Ryan Kartje are back to discuss Wednesday's practice, number 13 with 2 left, in their Cover Two Recap:

The discussion is mainly about the defense. As you've heard by now, Jeff Ullbrich is moving away from the 3-4, though he doesn't like labels. Ryan says there will be a lot more nickel which makes sense given the depth at safety and thinness at the outside linebacker.

They spoke to Priest Willis about his struggles last year living up to the hype which resulted in a loss of confidence. He's having trouble learning corner and is having second thoughts about it, but as it turns out, he said he wanted to play corner during his recruitment though he had been a safety.

Player of the day was Kenny Orjioke.

Go Bruins!