Alford and Parents, from LA Times

Excerpt from today's fishwrap:

Guard Tony Snell was set to leave Alford’s New Mexico team after his junior season in 2012-13. When Alford found out, he called for a meeting, Sherika Brown, Snell’s mother, told ChicagosSide Sports in January.

"We were having a screaming match, him literally telling me he is not going anywhere, saying ‘What if he doesn’t make it?’ " Brown said in the interview.

The meeting ended poorly, as Brown said she called Alford an obscenity. The 6-foot-7 Snell declared for the draft and was taken 20th overall by the Chicago Bulls. He averaged 16 minutes a game during the regular season.,0,1587747.story#ixzz30D9ZseSt

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