UCLA Baseball- Other Top 25 Games of Note of Friday Night

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Oregon won the opener of their series in Seattle against Washington, 10-3.

Oregon State won the opener of their series at home against Stanford, 4-1. Ben Wetzler went the distance for Oregon State, and lowered his ERA (the run was unearned) to 0.32. No wonder the Phillies wanted him, and no wonder they acted like spoiled children when he wouldn't sign, and turned him in to the NCAA for illegal agent contact. Wetzler missed the 1st 11 games of the season, but he is definitely a force now. Friday night in the Oregon State-UCLA series with Wetzler and Kaprielian should be a doozy.

With those results, Washington is still in first place at 8-2. Oregon State and Oregon are now only one game back at 7-3. UCLA is another 1/2 game back at 6-3.

In other top 25 West Coast action, #17 UCSB won the opening game of their series at #5 Cal Poly 8-6. That is a truly high score for a top 25 Friday night game. UCLA travels to UCSB for a Tuesday afternoon game, 4/29.

#18 Fullerton lost at home to UC Davis (!) 3-1, which breaks a 16 game winning streak stretching over 6 years against the Aggies. UCLA travels to Fullerton this Tuesday.

And last but not least, in case you missed it, the Bruins won it last night in 11 innings 1-0 at Long Beach St with the ultimate display of small ball- hit by pitch, steal 2nd, advance to 3rd on passed ball, score on throwing error. Another lights out performance by Kaprielian- 9 shutout innings, 3 hits.

Go Bruins !!

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