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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Final NFL Draft Thoughts and Darren Collison is Awesome

Will the UCLA athletic tradition live on in the Edney family?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Final NFL Draft thoughts:

Everyone looks good in their new gear:

It was fate for Shaq Evans:

By the way, Coach Mora - give Stan McKay a call.  (Don't you love it? Players texting the coach, knowing that is the relationship he has with his players.)

Not getting drafted is the end of the world:

Heck, Tony Dye has made the team, been cut, placed on the practice squad, and made the team again.  Keep at it.

Do not doubt the #BruinRevolution

Congratulations again to all our NFL Draftees and UDFAs.

Darren Collison had a pretty good game over the weekend, as he went up against Russell Westbrook:

He was too humble to take all the credit for himself:

I hope Tyus' daughter considers UCLA if she wants to compete in college:

And finally, this would make us sad on a weekend morning too:

It probably tasted fine.

Go Bruins (and your fantastic dining halls.)