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UCLA Centennial Campaign - Let There Be Video Projection on Royce

UCLA is launching a new $4.2 billion fundraising campaign, and used one of UCLA's most iconic buildings as a backdrop.

It's hard to believe UCLA will turn 100 in five short years.  100 is a milestone, especially since UCLA is the only (I believe) world class university to be founded in the 20th century.

Last night UCLA launched their $4.2 billion Centennial Campaign called "Let There Be" last night in front of Royce, and the culmination of the event was a fantastic video that was projected on Royce.

While there may be one too many shots of the Chancellor, I don't think I spotted a single appearance by our athletic director, but there were shots of the Optimists (and still using the Optimists wording from that campaign, which was spectacular) many shots of several athletic teams, and the history of the university over the past 95 years.

Also, using John Lithgow to narrate - nice touch.  He really is a part of the morning university experience, if you ever ran into him walking his dogs on campus.

The frustrating aspect of this video launch though is we could not find an official video of the projection onto Royce, only this official version on the UCLA youtube channel.  What truly made this video special was the projection onto Royce, and it is disappointing we cannot watch either the actual video that was projected last night, or a video of the projection on Royce.

Still, Go Bruins. The projected video made me proud to be a Bruin.