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UCLA Spring Sing 2014 Featuring Brett Hundley: Campus Enforcer

Check out how Brett Hundley is staying on top of his game in the offseason.

Ahhh spring at UCLA.  It usually means more sunshine, spending more time up at Sunset Rec, enjoying the rays, lounging about as you study for round 2 of midterms and get ready for finals.

It also means one of the great UCLA Traditions: SPRING SING.

This year's winner of the George and Ira Gershwin Award for Lifetime Musical Achievement is Alanis Morissette. But between acts and to open the show, the Company likes to keep the audience entertained.

Last year they opened the show with "Pauley Jam" with Kyle Anderson, a scootering Jordan Adams, Khalid McKaskill and Tony Parker taking on the company for the right to use Pauley for Spring Sing, Space Jam style.  (and sadly, only one of those players remain at UCLA...)

This year, Brett Hundley and Coach Jim Mora along with enforcer Luke Gane got in on the action, showing how Hundley stays sharp during the offseason, while leveraging a donation to the new UCLA Football Facility.  Great work, every one, weaving in many parts of the UCLA experience, especially the dining halls.

Maybe Luke Gane should have shouted out "HUNDLEY FOR HEISMAN" a few times for emphasis.

Brett, we've all snuck out more than one piece of fruit in the dining halls.  What was interesting was reading in the weekly Daily Bruin crime blotter when people would sneak out the bottles of ketchup.

Go Bruins.  Other Spring Sing videos can be seen here.