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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Quest for #111, Airplane Seats, and #Hundley4Heisman

Also: Fun at the Jim Mora Count on Me Foundation Golf Tournament

UCLA Women's Tennis Twitter

UCLA Women's Tennis is playing RIGHT NOW for #111, and for the last time for these two seniors:

The season is over for Men's tennis, along with Clay Thompson's UCLA Career:

Goodbye, spectacular hair.

Meanwhile golf is working on #111 (#112 possibly??)

DISCLAIMER: Not BN's fault if this jinxes either program.

Travel stories:

Meanwhile Jordan Adams is doing much better:

Is it an NCAA violation to get him a replacement meal?

#Hundley4Heisman - send that out on the 17th of each month.

Besides being the Campus Enforcer, Brett Hundley also has his hands full with this little guy:

The caption for the picture says it all:

Probably one of our best recruiting tools:

Prices have gone up again. :(

Actually it feels like a lot of people use Twitter to talk to themselves:

The Jim Mora Count on Me Foundation is having their annual golf tournament, and it looks like a ton of fun:


Go Bruins.