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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Congratulations John Sciarra, Rob Rasmussen MLB Debut, and Nick Rimando on USA World Cup Roster

Graduation season is starting.

Stephen Dunn

Even though the president may not be informed about Pete Carroll, Derrick Coleman enjoyed his White House visit.

Congratulations Nate Starks and all our other incoming freshmen.  See you soon!

Rob Rasmussen made his MLB debut:

UCLA Women's Tennis won 111. Now all the teams are looking forward to 112:

Congratulations to John Sciarra:

The San Diego version of UCLA on the road had the best lineup:

If you attended, please feel free to write a fanpost recapping your experience.

Congratulations, Nick Rimando! Enjoy Brazil!

Wait a second... no Landon Donovan?

So, UCLA is building a practice facility for basketball. Let's check in with our esteemed Athletic Director:

This happened!!

Congratulations XSF:

And we get fantastic sunsets like this:

Go Bruins.