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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - The Day Before the NFL Draft, UCLA Basketball Banquet, and Mark Jackson Fired

Also: Our thoughts are with the family of Tre Hale.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's the day before the draft!

XSF has been relaxing, playing golf, giving interviews.

Apparently... Anthony Barr IS in NYC?

Joe Fauria, how dare you.

This was posted a few weeks ago, but it's always good to share:

There was some moving and shaking in the NBA yesterday as Mark Jackson was fired from the Warriors (Hand down, MAN DOWN):

Not everyone agrees...

Do you have this similar playoff affliction?

Don't they all just taste like... high fructose corn syrup?

UCLA fans must love Giants/Pirates series:

Kyle Anderson certainly didn't go home empty handed.

Seat belt that child!

Also good to hear that the Bruin alums in the NBA are reaching out to Jordan:

Our thoughts are with the family of Tre Hale

Unfortunately that link doesn't work - here is the working link and here is a second.  For more, please go here.  Here's a photo from Tre's instagram:

The caption says: "My heart is still broken knowing that you are gone Ryan, but I take comfort in knowing that you are at peace and happy in heaven. I love you#redballoonsforryan"

Time to go hug your children.

Go Bruins.