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BOOM! UCLA'S Anthony Barr Picked #9 by Minnesota Vikings

Coach Mora's UCLA Football Revolution makes its first splash, turning Anthony Barr into a unused F-Back into a top 10 pick.

Harry How

BOOM! Anthony Barr was picked #9 to the Minnesota Vikings capping off a whirlwind draft season for the OLB.  When the draft process started, Barr was considered a potential top 10 pick by most publications.  However, many of the "draft gurus" soured on Barr and some predicted he would fall out of the first round (Save the excellent Mike Mayock of who has maintained that Barr would be picked very high).

At 6'5 255 lbs. with a 4.5 40-yd dash, Barr should be a plug and play pass rushing DE/OLB next year.  With only a couple years under his belt playing defense, he shouldn't and won't be expected to take on too much right away, but it will be fun to watch Barr continue to progress in the NFL.

Of course, Anthony Barr leaves a lot of good memories at UCLA.  He spent two years as an underutilized F-Back, where he served as the perfect example of the missed potential of the UCLA Football program under Coach Neuheisel.  Once Coach Mora got the job, Barr was switched to OLB where he took off and served up the perfect example of UCLA Football's overtaking of SUC when a perfectly executed hit  on Matt Barkley left the current bench warming quarterback in Philadelphia laying on ground to watch UCLA's dominance from the bench.  Here's the hit for your viewing pleasure:

Go Bruins.  Go Vikings.