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BruinsNation Turns Nine

Sharing some scattered thoughts on 9th anniversary of BruinsNation.

Jeff Gross

What an amazing Monday.

The following is going to be some stream of consciousness thoughts on a special day for the USMNT and for BN.  Read on if you like. Don't bother if youa re looking for some kind of polished news.

I am guessing many here are still feeling euphoric about the Yankee magic in Natal (Brazil). I haven't felt as nervous watching sports as I was during the last 25 long minutes of the US-Ghana match this afternoon  since the 49ers-Seahawks game in the NFC championship game.

My stomach was tied up in knots. I was biting my nails and was having a hard time breathing. But, I tell you what - I like feeling that way while watching sports - because that feeling is validation of your belief in the program/team you are watching.

I get that feeling when I am watching UCLA football.

I get that feeling when I am watching the 49ers.

I don't get that feeling when I am dozing off through UCLA basketball games. Just something to think about.

Sports is beautiful when there is genuine passion about something you love. Sports becomes addictive when you get emotionally invested.

It's that emotional investment that led to few of us to this place - blogging on BruinsNation - nine years ago today.

When we put up our first post, we didn't think we'd last this long. We'd though we'd wrap up things up once UCLA got an amazing football coach who'd take us to the promised land. Perhaps we will get there with our current head coach. We will get some answers after the 2014 football season.

Never in our wildest dreams, we were expecting to be where we are with UCLA basketball. When this place got started, we were fired up with excitement of the early years of Ben Ball - when we reveled in magic carpet rides thanks to those classic Ben Ball Warriors like AA, JF, LRMAM, LMR, JS, PAA, CB, RH, JS, MR, DC, RW and. KL. All of that seems like long time ago and right now I have no idea whether we will get to experience any of that in near future.

But it has been 9 interesting years - filled with highs and lows. It has also given us to develop friendships and connections from a real community that will live on even if this place doesn't last.

As we reflect on an amazing day for US Soccer - reveling in red, white and blue as one nation, I hope everyone who bleeds UCLA blue and gold, will get to experience the same when Jim Mora takes us to promise land and the basketball team brings home banner number 12 - someday soon.

I will leave you with you links to post/threads like thisthis, and this - that keep reminding all of us - why this community has been such a special place.