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Southern California’s Trojan Media Personalities Are Upset with BruinsNation

Trojan apologists in the Southern California’s mainstream media outlets get their feelings hurt when members of media are called out for their revisionism on Southern Cal’s NCAA violations.

Stephen Dunn

It appears that Patroclus's  recent post about mainstream media's revisionism of Southern Cal's NCAA violations hurt the feelings of certain Trojan honks in LA's media.

We are talking about guys like Chris Dufresne (the dying Los Angeles Times' "college football expert"):

It doesn't surprise us too much for Chris to come with the good old "get off my lawn" - "pajama" journalism insult since he doesn't appear to have anything of substance to respond with. Dufresne is also the same guy who launched a shameless attack on Coach Wooden just 3 days after he left us.

It was also cute to see Chris's colleague in Southern California media -

Trojan alum Lisa Horne - chime in with this:

Someone should send Lisa a link to this post from B going over in detail re. Athlon's number 7 ranking of UCLA. She apparently thinks we are not focusing on our program enough. She must have missed hundreds of posts that have been going up on our football team since the season ended with the drubbings of Virginia Tech and the sad Trojan football team.  Then again - we shouldn't be expecting reality-based, data-drive context from a Trojan. She probably still thinks Cheatey Petey played by the rules.

We have a simple message for the Trojans and their apologists in So. Cal media - whine on.