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WATCH: UCLA Football Freshmen Arrive On Campus

Welcome to the dorms, Class of 2014

On Sunday, the Class of 2014 was welcomed to campus, as they moved into the dorms and prepared for their first day of classes in the first summer session. This video focuses around the football freshmen, as they check into their dorms and prepare for life as a college student.

We meet Austin Roberts, Ainuu Taua, Jaleel Wadood, Aaron Sharp, Matt Dickerson, Kenny Young, Alex Van Duke and Denzel Fisher as they pick up their room keys, get their Bruin Cards, and talk about how excited they are to be on campus and be a Bruin. Fisher even mentioned he was excited to get into the classroom - I wonder how many Trogans said that across town.

For many of the players, this was the first time they met face to face - they have been interacting over the phone (and twitter...) but the family is now official as they prepare to spend the next 3-5 years together.

We also heard from the parents of the players, many of whom said how proud they were of their sons, being able to go to college, earning a college scholarship and so glad that all their hard work has paid off. Austin Robert's father, Alfredo Roberts, mentioned how it was a dream of his to drop his son off at college, and here he is, doing exactly that.

Welcome to the UCLA family, officially. Enjoy your summer in the dorms. These years go by so fast. Enjoy it.