Hey Steve Alford -- Can Your Kid Do This?


I don't like to use Bryce Alford as the stick to beat his dad with. It's not his fault he's a mid-major player whose dad convinced our wine-swilling AD that he was a first rate coach and it's not his fault his dad misused about-to-be-a-first-round-pick Zach LaVine, basically forcing LaViine to leave to escape the daddy-ball favoritism that is UCLA basketball under the current regime.

Check out this picture from Deadspin [also now posted above courtesy of @Lakers Twitter account].

That's Zach LaVine jumping out of the gym, while performing for NBA scouts. That's the guy who was going to back up Bryce Alford next year.

Steve Alford's failure to put LaVine's athleticism to good use is an absolute failure on his part. Against Florida and their great athletes, LaViine looked like the only player from UCLA who deserved to be on the court. LaVine was certainly not perfect last year and if he was being coached properly he surely would have returned for another season. It's the coach's fault for not finding a way to use the best athlete on the team (a guy who has NBA scouts drooling) and as a result, give him a reason to return.


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