UCLA Basketball: Grantland Loves LaVine

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Zach LaVine is one of Grantland's "NBA Draft Upside All-Stars" along side Andrew Wiggins, Noah Vonleh, Nik Stauskas and Joel Embiid. Damn good company!

It's actually pretty funny, but true:

Person 1: Have you been watching UCLA this year?

Person 2: Yes. They could be pretty good.

Person 1: Yeah, I mean their fourth-best player will be a lottery pick. That's all that needs to be said.

Person 2: Wait, what? I can't tell if I'm more shocked by you thinking Kyle Anderson is UCLA's fourth-best player or by you thinking he's going to go in the lottery.

Person 1: No, dude. The lottery pick is Zach LaVine.

Person 2: Get the hell out of here. Are you shitting me?

Person 1: I don't shit. Ever.

Person 2: You might want to get that checked out. Also, I don't believe you about LaVine.

Mark Titus, the author, doesn't stop there. Lot's of UCLA observations including: Bill Walton is part of the best announcing tandem and Ben Howland blew it against Memphis in the 2008 Final Four with a team including Kevin Love and Russel Westbrook. That one stings! Achilles wrote about it first, here.

There's more. Enjoy the article!

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