No Elite Pointguard for UCLA? No Problem! - Enjoy Coach’s Son’s "Sick" #Trick!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Just few days after Achillies posted a headline on BN "Hey Steve Alford -- can your kid do this?" UCLA's Athletic Department went all out to promote a "sick #trickshot" by the son of our basketball coach. If you are dying to see B.Alford's "stick "trickshot" here you go.

It is curious to see the Athletic Department's resources being deployed to promote the horsing around of coach's son, while the coach keeps striking out all over the place in pursuit of a real, elite pointguard. Dan Guerrero's athletic department is so desperate to take Bruin fans' minds of pointguard situation that they were tweeting at Major League Soccer's official account to promote B.Alford's shot. We doubt they will ever get to tweet at NBA promoting anything "sick" related B.Alford.

#Trickshot is all UCLA athletics department has to promote these days when there is a massive hole at the point guard position ... thanks to the incompetent recruiting of an overpaid head coach.

Go Bruins!!!

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