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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - USA vs Belgium, New Puppies, and Kyle Anderson with the San Antonio Spurs

It's MYLES Jack, not Miles.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

As we get ready for today's USA vs BEL match, let's check on the UCLA Twitterverse.

Well first, a reminder: if you are on campus you can watch the match at the Hammer Museum:

Nick Rimando is READY.

Over on the football front, we're sending out reminders to commits about what UCLA can do for them:

Looks like Justin Combs got a new dog - check out the dog tag!

We will always spell it right... unless autocorrect messes us up.

Over in the NFL, XSF is being the XSF we know and love:

Kyle Anderson is loving being a Spur:

Anthony Stover, please, someday, work on that book.

Imagine the Howland stories in that one.

Finally, we have the Mayor in Johnathan Franklin, but never forget the President:

Go Bruins.