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UCLA Football Unveils New Alternate Uniform: LA Steel

Adidas may have almost done one thing right.


Adidas has been stepping up their alternate uniform game in recent years, with the very popular LA Midnights alternate unis worn by UCLA last year, which followed the decent if somewhat blah LA Nights for 2012.

This season, our alternate uniform will be called "LA Steel"

These uniforms are gray and have a chain mail type pattern on the shoulders, both of which probably lend to the "steel" name.  On my first glance, I was seized by fear and worried it was a return to zubaz, but from further out it isn't as loud.

By the way, when did LA have a steel industry?

Another look:

Here is one bright spot: It looks like they are FINALLY working on the UCLA stripe.  As Coach Mora mentioned in the past, the UCLA stripe "disappeared" (more accurately, truncated) due to seaming.  Now it looks like the stripe is extending past the seam.

Also, the undershirt is pretty cool.  It looks like there is a Los Angeles skyline pattern on the sleeves.

Here is a full look at the uniform:

Here is a closer look:

It is a return to the same numbering scheme as the LA Midnights.

The LA Midnights were revered as a great uniform look, but this look just does not compare to how slick LA Midnights came across:

Of course, this isn't the most important aspect of this uniform.  While it is a marketing ploy (and the thought of having to wear these in possible post season play is not appealing) the players appreciate it.

The important part: just win in them.

What do you think of the LA Steel look?  Did you also think of Zoolander when you heard the name? Are you excited or would you rather just have more clarendon?