Coach Mora to NFL: Don't Stereotype Brett Hundley ... "The Guy's a Passer"

Brett Hundley is a passer. - Stephen Dunn

Coach Mora is concerned that the NFL will label Brett Hundley as a "Black Quarterback". He does not want the stereotypes that have become synonymous with that term "black quarterback" to be attached to Brett. Mora dislikes the stereotype and does not want Brett seen as a quarterback that is a run first guy, but as a quarterback that is a good and effective passer. Mora at media day:

People have a tendency at times to see an African-American quarterback and say, 'Oh, he’s a runner.' I hate that stereotype and I always have," said Mora. "I coached Michael Vick and my belief [is] that we stereotype those guys started with him. I don’t want that to happen with Brett, and I’m going to make sure that it doesn’t, because it shouldn’t.

Mora does consider Brett a dual-threat quarterback but rejects the idea that Hundley is a run first guy. It is awesome that Mora is bringing up this issue. He knows how players can get labeled in the NFL and I am glad he is making sure this will not happen to Brett.

Besides there being a stereotype of black quarterbacks as runners, it is easy to see why Brett could get cast as a running guy. Last year he was UCLA's leading "rusher" with 748 yards. However, he also threw for 3,071 yards. Mora says that Brett is a pass-first guy who can also run, "The guy's a passer." Hundley puts it this way:

Obviously, it’s come a long way. But when you have the ability to run, a lot of people will tell you, 'Hey, stay in the pocket,'" Hundley said. "There’s a clash of reasoning as a quarterback of what you should be doing. Some quarterbacks that might not be as gifted [running], they have to stay in the pocket. When you’re gifted with the ability to run, you’ll take off running.

It is great to see Coach Mora out there changing the filter for Brett to help people see the whole picture. Filters, especially when they come to race can be difficult to shift, and bravo to Mora for getting ahead of this one. Another fine example of Coach Mora standing up for what is right, and in this case, following an historic UCLA tradition of fighting stereotypes.

When the NFL comes and evaluates him in earnest, they will absolutely fall in love with him. He’s a thrower, and you need guys that can throw the ball down the field, but it’s also really nice to have a guy that can do both.

Go Bruins!

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