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UCLA Flood: Chianti Dan Guerrero Releases Limp Statement

With UCLA's marquee on-campus athletic facility, the "new" Pauley Pavilion (recently "renovated" for an exorbitant cost) sustaining catastrophic flood damage due to the a L.A. Department of Water and Power burst water main on along Sunset Boulevard, it took hours for UCLA's athletic director to bother commenting on an unmitigated disaster for the UCLA athletic department.

With the flood beginning around 3:45 p.m., Chianti Dan couldn't be bothered with putting out a statement, despite Pauley Pavilion, the renovation of which was part of his "legacy" on campus, sustaining heavy flood damage, until late this evening:

At this hour, we are still gathering information and, to the extent possible, assessing the damage to our athletic facilities affected by the water main break. Regarding specific inquiries and concerns about Pauley Pavilion, most people are aware by now that the floor and locker rooms sustained significant flooding. The water will be removed from the floor tonight. We will then reassess the situation tomorrow morning and be able to provide additional information at the appropriate time.

Boy, talk about a tepid response.  But, this is Dan Guerrero we're talking about - why are we not surprised?  Never mind that "most people are aware" because of random individuals posting on social media and sharing photographs and video on Facebook and Twitter.  Never mind that UCLA's athletic department has been pretty much silent on a catastrophic event that significantly impairs one of UCLA's marquee (well, used to be marquee before the current head coach, a certain Hoosier Loser took over) programs.

Just pathetic.