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UCLA Flood: Morning Update -- Camps, Recreation and Child Care Closed Today

Most of campus is open, but all UCLA Camps, UCLA Recreation activities and child care centers are closed today. Damage assessment still needs to be done.

Site of the Sunset Water Main Break
Site of the Sunset Water Main Break

UCLA's Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management Kelly Schmader made the following statement at this morning's 7am press conference:

The campus obviously has some substantial damage yesterday to about 6 facilities including two subterranean parking structures. The campus is open. We do have some facilities that are closed today including all the UCLA Camp activity is closed today as is all the campus recreation activities. A determination will be made later today on when we can resume those. Similarly, the two child care centers on campus are closed. Just for today and we will make an assessment on that too. Crews worked throughout the night last night as you can imagine getting the water out of these facilities and we'll be making some damage assessment later today to see how soon we can get those back open. That's all we have from UCLA.

While Vice Chancellor Schmader didn't indicate which facilities he was referring to, other reports indicate that the Morgan Center and the Bud Knapp Football Center may have some water damage. But it's possible that he could have been including Drake Stadium and any of a host of facilities in the area including from the LA Tennis Center, the IM Field and the North Athletic Field.

It seems like we will have to wait for an update later on for more info.

The LA Times reports that a water restoration company was already on the scene at Pauley last night. The first exhibition game is scheduled for October 31 and the regular season home opener is November 14, but unfortunately, standing water and wood don't mix well.

Update: KTLA is reporting that at least 739 cars are inside the two parking structures and almost half of them are completely under water.

Update 2: From KNBC is quoting Assistant Vice Chancellor Schmader as saying:

"The court is showing signs of buckling and expansion. Whether we'll be able to get that saved, I don't know."