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UCLA Floods: The Bruin Twitter Response

A recap of the tweets that were fast and furious during the great UCLA flood of 2014.


The UCLA campus flooded... and so did the UCLA Twitterverse.  We asked for pics, and received this gem of a video:

Also tweeted at us:

Found this gem on Instagram - someone in Drake:

And found a way to get around:

That is apparently UCLA softball player Gabrielle Lee:

I don't think you can get a more college student response than that.

And of course, the campus response:

No it's not original, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted the same thing:

Unsure if he was planning on going to the beach or to Lot 4:

Our fellow SBN blogs sent out good thoughts:

Blame a Trogan!

Time to brace yourself for fundraising calls:

Go Bruins.