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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Congratulations to Xavier Su'a-Filo, USMNT, and Hanging with Olympic Athletes

Happy 4th of July!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Happy 4th of July, Bruins:

Even though we lost, the USMNT fought through that match.

Congratulations to Xavier Su'a-Filo!

More Subway for Anthony Barr!

Nothing big, just hanging out with Olympic athletes:

Best cereal ever, or best cereal ever?

A thought from Reggie Miller regarding the NBA draft that we haven't had a chance to share:

The context that Reggie still had the shirt and tie from the day he met with the Pacers, and someone mentioned that Steve Alford was still mad.

Alize Jones had a nice visit a few weeks ago:

We agree. Go Bruins.