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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Summers in the Men's Gym, Chef Hundley, and Roquan Smith Visits

Also: Russell Westbrook's latest business venture

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

QUICK! Someone start the NBA rumor mill! Kevin Durant spotted playing at UCLA! Is a move to the Lakers next?

That was sarcasm, by the way.  In case you didn't know, NBA stars are hooping it up on campus again this summer:

(Kylie Fitts is a huge Lakers fan.  Huge.)

Kyle Anderson, future NBA Finals MVP (hehehe) keeping it real:

Happy birthday, Christian Yount, and never change:

Special teamers stay together forever apparently.

Our QB is extremely talented:

Of course, now I cannot find the picture.  But it was a fantastic spread by the chef.

Russell Westbrook has a new business venture:

May hipster frames be known as Westbrooks instead of Warby Parker.

Terrence Austin is itching to get back into the NFL. He's posted a few videos in hopes of getting a look.

First XSF gets married last week, now Cassius Marsh is engaged. They're all growing up...

I love the spirit of Bruin parents.

Sorry for sullying this post with that picture.

Roquan Smith visited last week:

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Go Bruins.