UCLA Football: More Bruin Preseason Watchlist Honors: Brendel & Duarte

Brett Hundley and Thomas Duarte celebrating - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday's news about Brett Hundley, Myles Jack and Eric Kendricks, today the watch lists for the Rimington and Mackey awards were announced.

The Rimington award goes to the top center. And the preseason watch list includes UCLA redshirt junior Jake Brendel. Brendel was honorable mention all-conference last year and was also 1st team academic all-conference. Brendel is an econ major, so the academic award is especially impressive to me, having tried to figure out optimal portfolio models over the years.

The Mackey award goes to the top tight end. And the preseason watch list here includes sophomore Thomas Duarte. To be on the short list as a sophomore bodes well for the future. Duarte was also honorable mention all-conference last year.

Here's to our honorees. Let's hope that the postseason honors flow in as well, as we take the field for meaningful games in January.

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