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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Ice Bucket Challenges, Back to Westwood, and U-20 Women's World Cup

Identity thieves suck.

Vaughn Ridley

Are the ice bucket challenges getting out of hand?

My answer to  @Jason_Flowers #Chillin4Charity & #ALSIceBu... on Twitpic

Nice shirt, Farnham.

Does it count if they're already in a pool?

Welcome back to Westwood, gentlemen.

i think they were pretty happy to leave the desert.

Katelyn Rowand's quest for the U-20 Women's World Cup ended over the weekend in penalties:

She stopped as many as she could, but the North Korean goalie was a machine.

UCLA Women's Soccer is underway:

A pox on whoever did this:

Terrence Austin has a new job - check out the kicker for the team he's coaching:

After the spectacular job Mo'Ne Davis is doing at the LLWS, girls can do anything.

Finally, we're just 11 days away from football:

Go Bruins.