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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Denzel Washington at UCLA Football Practice, Johnny Manziel Thoughts, and Speedy Recoveries

All the best to Cameron Griffin's shoulder.

Stephen Dunn

Denzel visited practice yesterday:

Denzel, super nice guy:

(that is Myles Jack's mother.)

Speaking of UCLA mothers, we wish the best to Devin Lucien's mom:

Here's to a speedy recovery:

Final ice bucket challenge, I hope:

Jarrad Page, armed with his political science degree, has had some interesting daily insights on his twitter.  He wants to learn more - give him a follow and interact.

Johnny Manziel is Johnny Overrated?

Chris Horton was in Dallas last week and met up with some fellow Bruins:

Soy, milk.

Chris Kluwe put on his robe and wizard hat:

One of our favorite former UCLA beat writers has a new job:

We love you too.

Go Bruins.