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Community Guidelines Updated

These revised Community Guidelines should help make Bruins Nation a more welcoming place to hang out and discuss UCLA Athletics.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

At the beginning of the month, when it was announced that gbruin and I were stepping into the roles of Managing Editors, we mentioned that we were planning to revise the Bruins Nation Community Guidelines.

I am happy to announce that the Community Guidelines have now been revised and completed with input from all of our moderators.

One of the goals of the updated guidelines is to explain to everyone what is and what isn't acceptable behavior as members of this community. Another goal is to provide all members with adequate due process in the event that a member should violate the guidelines.

There is now a "3 Strike" system in place which has been implemented to prevent members from being banned due to getting into a heated discussion and having a moderator ban someone unless a member commits an exceptionally grievous offense like attempting to circumvent a ban or posting inflammatory comments about BN policies.

The bottom line here is simple: We want to make BN a more pleasant place for everyone to hang out and discuss UCLA sports. While that doesn't mean we're changing our minds on things like whether Chancellor Block should be chopped, whether Dan Guerrero should be dumped or whether Steve Alford should be axed, it does mean that we are making some changes to welcome in differing opinions.

After all, part of our job should be to persuade individuals who hold differing opinions why their current opinion is wrong and why ours is right.

We want to take a moment to thank the team at for supplying us with a base starting point for our new guidelines.

Please feel free to use the comment section to ask questions about the new guidelines if something isn't clear.