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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - UCLA Football Game Week, NWSL Championship Game, and Meet the Bruins


Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get it.

The Pac-12 is up for great things this season:

Ok except leap frog. Maybe they have a jump on us in that.

I think the mustache is legendary.

Also, thank you everyone that came out to meet the Bruins:

Jeff Baca fans!

Ah, the glory of people:

If you don't mind getting another newsletter, sign up for this one from FoxSports, which is put together by one BN's favorite former UCLA beat writers:

This was a great perk as a new UCLA student, as all the semester students were back in school around this time of year:

The Championship Game is 8/31 at noon:


And #getbetter

Go Bruins.