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ESPN Calls Southern Cal "Clown College"

ESPN discovers that water is wet, the Earth is round, and finally comes to a conclusion that Bruins have known since, well, forever.

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The recent Trojan family...Pete Carroll, Ray Malaluga. Reggie Bush. Joe McKnight. Markeith Ambles.  To say nothing of Tim Floyd and OJ Mayo.

And now Josh Shaw.

Finally, ESPN anchor John Anderson has reached the inevitable conclusion that all Bruins have known forever. (HT to MWBruin)

video from Andrew Chai via YouTube

...that screams blueblood of college football.  And yet, if you go back and start with Pete Carroll and the embarassment of getting stripped of the national title, the Hesiman Trophy that Reggie Bush [gave] back, how they handled Lane Kiffin's firing, there was the probation, now you have the...

This is a clown college.

Danny Kannell does not disagree.

He also notes this is a prime opportunity for the Bruins to take over the West Coast